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As of August 1, you need to check in to your Study Room booking!

Posted on 29 July 2022

You now need to check in to your Study Room booking within half an hour of its start time, or the room will become available to book for other people to use instead.

This change only applies to bookable Study Rooms (on Floor 2 of the Morrell) - NOT to the non-bookable study rooms, or to any other bookable study space in the library.

How it works

When you book a Study Room you get a confirmation email. It says:

  1. Check in with this link
  2. Enter this code: [each booking has a unique 3 digit code, e.g. H7T]

Once you arrive in the room, follow the link and enter the code. Do this within 30 minutes of the booking starting: so if you're booking is from 3pm - 6pm, you need to check in by 3:29pm at the latest.

That's it.

Why we're doing this

A student we spoke to for a project on Study Space in the library suggested we make this change because the single study rooms are constantly booked up, but often empty. People are not showing up for their booking, but the room can't be used by anyone else either. The need to check-in means if the person who booked the room doesn't use their booking, others can get access to it instead.

We initially thought this may cause too many problems with people forgetting to check-in, so didn't implement the change right away. But we spoke to several more students as part of the project and asked if they wanted this feature introduced: every single one said yes! So we are trying it out and would be interested in your feedback on whether you prefer it or not.

If you have feedback or questions, please get in touch.