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Welcome back! News on 24 hour opening and study space bookings

Posted on 5 January 2022

Here's a January news update from the library.

Blended Study Space Bookings

If you’ve been away since the end of last term, we’ve changed the way study space bookings work since last time you were in the library. We now have a blended approach, with some spaces remaining bookable and some not. 

The Morrell 2nd floor, Fairhurst 1st floor and Burton 1st floor are areas where booking is required - as are all Single and Group Study Rooms. The rest of the spaces on the other floors of all three buildings no longer require booking; you can sit wherever you like. There are some other useful tweaks too which we hope will make things better for everyone. This short video explains more: 

If you’re a member of the public (which is to say people who aren’t members of the University) can still book the specific area set aside for you on the ground floor of the Morrell.

Wear your face-covering please, or there’s a risk the library will have to close 

Since January 4 face-coverings have once again become mandatory in all indoor areas of the University, including during teaching. The Government policy on this has changed a number of times, so we understand why it might be confusing but we really need your help on this in order to keep the library open. If a number of our staff have to isolate at once we simply won’t have enough people to keep the building running, so please take this seriously and wear your face-covering at all times in the library unless you’re exempt. 

If you forget your own face-covering you don’t need to choose between studying without one or not studying at all - just ask us for a spare. 

24 hour opening  

All being well, for the week beginning January 10 we will move to 24 hour opening for the exam period. This is assuming we have enough staff to run this, which is partly why face-coverings are so critical. 

Finally from January 17, our regular 8am to midnight hours return. 

As always, if you have any questions or comments then contact us via Chat, email, phone or social media.