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Exam time in the Library: everything you need to know

Posted on 29 April 2022

The University exam period is nearly upon us, so here’s everything you need to know about how to make the best use of the Library during your revision and exams. We expect to be busier than normal so you’ll need to plan ahead.

Library opening hours

We recently confirmed our plans for 24/7 opening during the exam period. Read our news update for more information.

Study space in the Library

We have a mixture of bookable and non-bookable study spaces in the Library. You can see which seats are available to reserve ahead of time on our booking system; bookings open 3 days in advance at 8am to help you to plan your time and you can use our Floor plans (PDF , 1,440kb) to see which area of the Library suits you best.

Anything which you can’t see in the booking system is available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no limits on how long you can book a space or for how long you can remain in a non-bookable area, but please be respectful of other students so that everyone has a chance to use the space.

If you have made a study booking but no longer require it, please cancel your booking to make it available for someone else.

For the exam period we have opened some additional areas in the Library to maximise the amount of study space available. LFA/204 and 205 (on the 2nd floor of the Fairhurst building) will be available as 24/7 study space from Monday 2 May to Saturday 4 June inclusive. LFA/144 (1st floor Fairhurst) will be open for study space during the same period, but there will be times when the room is unavailable due to events and workshops. See the information on the room entrance for confirmation of the available times.

As well as the main University Library, we also have King’s Manor Library in the city centre and study space in the Piazza building.

Respect other students using the Library

There’s no avoiding it: the Library will be busy during the exam period. We have different zones in the Library to help you to choose the environment which works best for you. Before you visit make sure to familiarise yourself with booking arrangements (see above) and our policies about noise and food and drink in the different zones. These have recently changed; you can read about what’s new in our update from April or explore our guidance for the behaviour we expect when you use the Library. You can also look out for signs as you enter each area which will confirm what’s allowed.

Don’t be a desk hog!

You should take regular breaks from studying and it’s OK to pop away from your desk or PC for a short period of time, but please don’t be a desk hog. We’re relying on everyone to use the space sensibly and fairly, so if you know you’re going to be away from your seat for anything longer than a quick break please take your belongings with you. If everyone does this you won’t have any problem finding a desk when you need it.

If you notice a problem in the Library relating to desk hogging or any other issues, there are lots of ways to contact us to let us know. If you would prefer not to visit the Help Desk or Reception in person, our online chat or ‘Text us’ services are ideal; look out for posters in your location which include a code to quote when you get in touch, which helps us to pinpoint the problem as quickly as possible.

If we become aware of desk hogging we will remove belongings that have been left unattended for an hour or more. Items will be stored securely at the Help Desk where they can be reclaimed.

Study spaces for online exams

The Library has some study space suitable for online exams, but we can’t guarantee having space for everyone taking this kind of assessment. Make sure to plan ahead if you’re intending to use space in the Library, or check with your department if they have any specific arrangements in place to manage online exams.

There will also be a number of rooms made available across campus for online exams (see the list below). All of the rooms will be open Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm, between Monday 16 May and Friday 3 June. 

Each room must be booked in advance; look for the option in the booking system for '2022 Online Exam Rooms' to place your booking. Each room is for a single occupant (unless otherwise stated).

Campus West online exam locations

Wentworth College - these rooms will be unlocked but ensure you arrive at the time of your booking

  • W/N/230
  • W/N/231
  • W/N/231a
  • W/N/231b
  • W/N/231c
  • W/N/231d (this room is for 4 people with dividers separating the desks)
  • W/N/231e
  • W/N/232

Campus East online exam locations

Ron Cooke Hub - to access these rooms you will need to collect a card at the Ron Cooke Hub Reception

  • RCH/206
  • RCH/207

Other study spaces on campus

There are lots of other spaces around campus available for study space, including informal spaces in departments such as foyers and reception areas. The list below has some selected spaces which you might find useful, also with links to the campus map.


Study space availability

Church Lane (Campus West)

Space on the ground and first floors

Spring Lane (Campus West)

Space on the ground, first and second floors

Piazza (Campus East)

Space on the first and second floors

Ron Cooke Hub (Campus East)

Space on the first and second floors

Other sources of support

You’ll find lots of guidance to develop your skills through our Skills Guides, including some tips on revision and ideas for how to manage your time effectively.

If you’re planning to work elsewhere, check out Library Home from Home, including our popular ‘study with me’ video for two hours of the sounds of the Library! All of our online resources are available anywhere, any time; explore what’s available for your subject using our Library Subject Guides.

Good luck for the weeks ahead and please contact us if there’s anything else we can do to support you through your exams.