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Next steps for redeveloping King’s Manor Library

Posted on 30 June 2021

You’ve given us lots of feedback about the proposed redevelopment of King’s Manor Library - thank you!

We’ve reviewed your comments from the consultation and would like to tell you more about how we will include your feedback in our plans for the Library.

Your feedback from the consultation

In May we shared with you our initial plans to redevelop King’s Manor Library this summer, including a mock up design for how the Library might look. You got in touch with lots of comments and feedback during the consultation period, which we’ve summarised below.

You love King’s Manor Library

One theme in particular came through very clearly from the consultation: you love King’s Manor Library. So do we! One of our priorities in the redevelopment is to improve the overall environment at the Library, so we were pleased to see that you agreed this should be our focus. You especially welcomed our sympathetic approach to the historic space at King’s Manor, which we will make sure is reflected in the final design for the Library.

You don’t like how cold it can be!

Let’s cut right to it: King’s Manor Library can be COLD! You rightly picked up on this in the consultation and asked us to look into it. We’d love to say that we could solve this issue, but it’s a tricky prospect in a historic building; there’s a limit to what we can do with the current heating system. Whilst large changes to the heating are outside the budget and scope of the Library redevelopment, we’re looking at what improvements can be made. For example we would like to purchase some additional electric heaters and hope to be able to offer blankets once again as pandemic restrictions are eased.

You want us to choose appropriate furniture

You commented a lot in the consultation that you want us to choose furniture which is appropriate for the environment at King’s Manor (both for its look and functionality) and which is an improvement on the current furniture. We couldn’t agree more! We often receive feedback about this and made this one of our priorities for the redevelopment. There will almost certainly be a compromise based on what furniture is available from suppliers and what can be delivered in our time frame. Don’t expect anything antique as that’s way beyond our budget! We will, however, choose the furniture style and colours which best match the building and have carefully instructed our suppliers about the type of furniture we need. See below for how you can get involved in the furniture selection process.

You told us about the collections which are important to you

Many of you got in touch to tell us about the books and other materials at King’s Manor Library which are important to your study or research. We were careful in our initial consultations about collections to prioritise those items which are frequently used or which are strategically important for the departments and centres at King’s Manor. Inevitably we must reduce the overall amount of collections at the Library in order to improve the study space provision, but rest assured: nothing will be lost from our collections overall, merely relocated to other library buildings and available for next-day delivery to King’s Manor using our book delivery service.

What happens next?

One of our next steps will be to select the new furniture for King’s Manor Library. We’re gathering information from suppliers with a range of furniture styles to match our design brief. We know this is a really important part of the redevelopment and will offer lots of opportunities for you to get involved in the process. We’ll be able to share more soon about how you can give us your feedback.

Although we can’t put together an exact timeline for the works yet, we expect book stock moves to take place over the summer and new furniture deliveries to happen at Christmas. To allow for this to start, we are planning to completely close the King’s Manor Library for a week from Monday 12 July in order to relocate all of the books and other collections to the Morrell Library. We need to move the materials this early in order to leave us sufficient time for the processing work that must take place before items are returned to King’s Manor. We would encourage you to borrow any materials you anticipate needing before this brief closure

After the closure week the Library will reopen as a study location only. The Library Reception will continue to be staffed, and you will be able to request daily book delivery to Kings Manor as before. Please be reassured that throughout this period the majority of the materials will remain accessible on open shelves at Morrell. 

We anticipate that most of the book stock will be returned to Kings Manor around early September, with the full collection returning in December once the new shelving is in place. We shall of course keep you updated on the exact timings as we progress through the work.

Thank you!

Thank you for your continuing interest in and feedback about King’s Manor Library. We’re excited to launch the new look Library and look forward to sharing more about our plans soon.