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Changes are coming to King’s Manor Library

Posted on 4 May 2021

We’re planning some changes this summer at King’s Manor Library which will see major improvements to the study space and environment.

What is happening?

King’s Manor Library, our site at the City Centre Campus, sits at the heart of the teaching and research activities at King’s Manor. We believe there is huge potential to update its provision of study space and facilities, whilst embracing and showcasing the beauty of the building. The wider redevelopment works taking place at King’s Manor provide a unique opportunity to improve the Library and to offer a first rate study experience for our users.

We will:

  • ensure that the Library enhances and showcases the attractive and noteworthy features of the building. We will select furniture which matches the building’s aesthetic as closely as possible and we will arrange shelving and furniture so that it enriches the experience of our users.
  • deliver high quality learning space. We want to maximise the amount of study space available but will not compromise on its quality. The Library will remain a quiet working space, which users value as its ‘unique selling point’ at the City Centre campus.
  • ensure that the Library remains at the core of the teaching and research endeavours at King’s Manor by providing study space and collections which meet the needs of the departments and centres located there.
  • provide equitable access for all Library users. We will review the service provision and policies at King’s Manor Library to ensure that all users receive first rate customer service.

The current layout of furniture and shelving obscures the building’s interesting and aesthetic features. The Library receives regular feedback about the unsuitability of the furniture.

Below you can see a proposed layout for King’s Manor Library, subject to discussions with furniture and other suppliers. We have aimed to strike a balance between space for collections and study, offering a range of different types of seating to suit students’ preferences. We have enhanced technology provision by adding a PC area on the ground floor, alongside standalone monitors to which students can connect their own devices.

Although we have suggested types of furniture across both floors, these are purely indicative and do not necessarily represent the final furniture selection.

View the proposed layout: Kings Manor Library mock up designs (PDF , 522kb)

The first floor will offer an enhanced mix of study spaces and collections.

The ground floor will showcase important research collections alongside new study areas.

When will the work take place?

Below is a rough outline of how work on the redevelopment will progress over the next few months. We will provide more detail about the implementation once we have a final design.

  • April-May: Consultation will run until the end of May. At the same time we will seek proposals from furniture suppliers based on our initial design.
  • June: We will confirm the design based on feedback from the consultation and confirm orders with suppliers.
  • July-September: The redevelopment works will take place over the summer vacation to minimise the impact. We will ensure that access to collections is maintained as far as possible throughout, although we expect the Library will have to close for at least some of the works due to the level of disruption involved.

The works will be completed no later than the start of the academic year, although we hope to have them finished as quickly as possible over the summer.

How can I provide feedback?

We now invite your feedback about this proposal. We would like to hear what you think works well about the design, as well as what you think might be improved. Your feedback will be used to develop a final design after the end of the consultation period.

You can provide feedback by:

  • completing our online form
  • contacting the Academic Liaison Librarian for your department or centre, whose contact details you can find on the relevant Subject Guide.

We will try to include as much of your feedback as possible, but the tight time scale and scope of the redevelopment work might mean we have to compromise in some areas. We will keep you informed of our decisions and rationale throughout the project.

We believe that King’s Manor Library has huge potential and we’re excited to see this brought to fruition by this proposal.