Accessibility statement

We strongly recommend you continue to wear a face-covering in the library! Our approach to lifting restrictions

Posted on 19 July 2021

As the COVID related restrictions in England change from today, here’s an update on how it all affects your use of the library.

The first thing is to say we strongly recommend you continue to wear a face-covering when you’re in any University building, including the libraries on Campus West and at King’s Manor. This is in keeping with the University’s updated policy, because face-coverings still make a real difference in limiting transmission of the virus, and we want to keep you, other library users and our staff as safe as possible. We’ll be respectful of everyone’s preferences and would ask you all to do the same. Thank you! 

As you’ll know, social distancing measures are lifting in the UK. The library will be joining the rest of the University in reconfiguring to reflect this, but it will take some time - as well as changing the physical spaces there is a lot of work to be done with our systems. So for now you will still need to book study space in the library through our online booking system and we’ll only be offering single study spaces rather than group bookings. Our soft furnishings (in spaces like the Living Room) and shared lockers will be back in use towards the end of the vacation. 

The library is far less busy now than in term time, so there should still be plenty of room for everyone - but do continue to be considerate of those nervous about social contact, and continue to keep a comfortable distance wherever possible.

Meanwhile, continue to wash hands frequently, sign in or use the Track and Trace app when you arrive at the Library buildings, and as always get in touch with us if you have any questions.