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Book Takeaway: an update for returning students, and an introduction for new users

Posted on 7 October 2021

Find out the latest updates about our Book Takeaway service.

Our Book Takeaway Service allows you to get hold of the books you need in a few different ways. This video tells you all about how it works, what you can request and how, and contains some pretty amazing stats about the service - we’ve supplied literally thousands of Postal Loans and Scans so far!

If you’re new to York, skip the next section and go straight to ‘An Introduction To Book Takeaway,’ below; if you’ve used the service before, keep reading for an important update in the next section. 

An update for existing Book Takeaway users 

If you’re a Book Takeaway veteran there’s a couple of tweaks you need to know about. Firstly let us reassure you: we’re not reintroducing fines! However processing charges for lost items are returning, so here’s what’s changing and how it affects you:

  • Previously, before the pandemic, if you lost a book, there would be a fine, and then we'd apply a lost item charge and inconvenience fee
  • This changed in March 2020: we paused all fines and fees (and we just made items missing in our system)
  • Now as of October 2021 if you lose a book you will be charged a lost item fee - we look up the book price on Amazon to start with to work out how much this should be - and an inconvenience charge of £10
  • But to reiterate, you won’t be charged late fees / fines. The changes above will only impact you if you actually lose a book you have out on loan...
  • Renewals no longer happen automatically. We're going back to the old system where rather than books renewing on their own, we'll send you emails asking you to renew them - so keep an eye out for those

The key things, as always, are to check your emails so you know when to bring things back - and to let us know if there’s a problem, the sooner the better! 

An Introduction to Book Takeaway

Book Takeaway is the way to request access to printed books (or other items like DVDs) from the Library’s collections which aren’t available online.

Step one is to find the item you need in YorSearch, our library catalogue - and then to log in to your Library Account. If the item you want is not already available online as an ebook, there will be a Book Takeaway request button displayed.

Step two is to click the Book Takeaway link. Then you can choose one of the following options:

  • Scan and Send a book chapter or journal article: we’ll send you the PDF.
  • Postal Loans: we’ll deliver items to your chosen address.
  • Campus Delivery: book delivery ONLY for students who are self-isolating or shielding on campus.

We’ll then get in touch to tell you what happens next. There’s no charge for this service - and in fact if it’s a postal loan we’ll send it out for free, and you can return it for free too! See the Postal Loans tab of the Book Take webpage for all the important information.

Get in touch if you have questions

Whether you’re brand new to this service or have been using it for nearly two years now, we’re happy to clarify anything or answer any questions you have - the easiest thing is just to come and speak to us at the Help Desk (there’s one in the Morrell and one in King’s Manor Library) or talk to use on Chat. You can also get in touch with us via email or phone if that’s easier; all our contact details are here