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Library Opening Hours will be 8am - 10pm from Monday 2 August

Posted on 28 July 2021

From August 2nd the Library will switch to opening from 8am until 10pm, seven days a week. This will likely last until some way in to September; we’ll be back to 8am until midnight before the start of term.

The library is hardly used at all between 10pm and midnight at the moment during the vacation, and we’re also experiencing the same issues as many other industries around the country with staff being pinged and needing to self-isolate. We’ve taken the decision to close slightly earlier to make sure we can stay open during this phase of the pandemic, and we hope this won’t impact you too much.

With the students’ unions we’ll review our opening hours during the course of the Autumn term, and will explore the possibilities of returning to longer hours during busier assessment periods.

For those who do study in the library between 10pm and midnight, we wanted to recommend some things to help make your own home, campus accommodation or other place of residence more conducive to study. There is a Skills Guide devoted to studying online: this includes presentations, written guidance, and links out to useful resources.

And don’t forget Library Home From Home! The Sounds of the Morrell video is almost exactly two hours long, and we’ve had lots of people feed back to us that putting it on over headphones has aided concentration, and even led to the odd scholarly breakthrough…