Accessibility statement

Changing provision of high demand reading materials

Posted on 3 May 2019

We’re changing how we make available items which are in high demand, which will include the removal of the Key Texts Collections.

What is happening?

From Autumn 2019, we will no longer provide a Key Texts Collection at either Morrell or King’s Manor. Instead we will use a range of other high demand mechanisms, such as online resources, digitisation and Use in Library Only copies on the main Library shelves, to ensure that you retain access to the materials that you need for your study. We ask module leaders to mark up items on their reading lists using one of three priority tags: Essential, Recommended or Background. We’ll make sure that any items marked as Essential are readily available using a combination of the options above, so we’re confident that you won’t be disadvantaged by this change.

Why are you changing things?

Over the last two years we’ve been closely monitoring how often items in Key Texts are used. The vast majority of items are never used, which means they spend a long time on the shelves for no purpose. We also know from student feedback that Key Texts don’t seem to suit the way that you work. If you’re interested to understand the full rationale for this change please see our position paper.

How can I send you my feedback?

If you have any comments about this change or about access to resources in general, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian in the first instance. You will find their contact details on the Subject Guide for your department.