Revised University Research Data Management Policy

Posted on 15 January 2018

A revised University Research Data Management Policy was approved by Research Committee in November 2017.

The Research Data Management Policy applies to all University members engaged in research, including postgraduate research students.

Key changes:

  • Data management planning (3.4)
    The importance of planning for data management to achieve good practice is recognised. The University strongly recommends, and Departments may mandate, the creation of data management plans for all research projects.

  • Clarification of the research data to be retained (3.5)
    Research data which underpins published research findings, and/or is considered to have long-term value, should be retained beyond the lifetime of the research project

  • Research Data York service for retained research data (3.8)
    When a suitable external data repository cannot be found for research data that needs to be retained, research data should be transferred to University's Research Data York service.

  • Retained data must be recorded in PURE (3.9)
    All retained research data, even if deposited in an external data repository, must be recorded in PURE (login required). PURE 'datasets' records are discoverable through the York Research Database, providing a permanent and public record of the University's (retained) research data.

  • Data access statements (3.10)
    A new requirement to include data access statements in published research outputs; to describe where the research data can be found and under what conditions it can be accessed.

  • Software
    Additional information is provided within Appendix 1 (4.4) to clarify if/when software should be preserved with the research data.

  • Guidance to the policy
    Guidance designed to support the practical implementation of the policy is now provided.

Checklist for researchers

To meet research data management responsibilities researchers need to:

  • plan for the management of research data, addressing ethical and legal issues and gathering together research data management costs
  • successfully manage and handle research data on a day-to-day basis; complying with funder, University, other relevant regulations and legal requirements
  • securely dispose of research data that does not or cannot be retained beyond the research project
  • deposit research data for retention with a suitable data service or transfer it to the Research Data York service, and decide whether and on what terms the data will be made available
  • record all retained research data in PURE
  • include data access statements in published research outputs.

For guidance on all aspects of research data management (RDM) see the RDM web pages. If you have any questions about RDM contact the Library's Research Support Team: