Find a space to study that suits you

Posted on 13 April 2018

The Library's a great place to study, but it can be very busy in the run up to exams. Take a look at our tips to make the most of our resources and information about some of your alternatives.

Seating availability

To help you plan your day and where you'll study, check how busy the Library is before you set off:

Bookable study rooms

Study rooms are available to book for individual or group work in the Library, find an available room:

Behaviour zones

We’ve got dedicated zones across our buildings for those who wish to study silently, quietly or in a group. Do you know your studious buzz from your silent zone? Take a look at what you can do where:

Sharing space in the Library

Library space is shared space and is often very busy so it is important to share desks fairly. When you leave remember to take your belongings with you. We have a policy to remove any items that have been left for more than one hour:

If you're being disturbed in the Library, text us on 07979 293133 telling us what the problem is and where you are. We will deal with it ASAP.

Library chat service

If you have a Library query you can use our chat service day or night to ask someone on the Help Desk:

Pop up study spaces

Additional pop up study spaces are available in the Spring Lane Building, the Piazza Building and the Law and Management Building, find one that's convenient for you:

IT rooms

There are over 800 PCs in IT rooms across campus. Find out exactly which rooms have PCs available:


Our e-resources have been chosen for your subject by our Academic Liaison Librarians and we have thousands of Ebooks and Ejournals in our digital catalogue: