Academic staff: your introduction to the new Reading Lists

Posted on 19 June 2017

Our new Reading Lists system goes live soon, so we're offering you the chance to learn how to use it.

As previously announced, we're introducing a new reading list system this summer which, in the spirit of clarity, we have named Reading Lists.

Using Reading Lists

Amongst the benefits of the new system are its intuitive interface, and easier compiling and editing of lists. But that doesn't mean we’ll expect academics to start using it with no help.

During the vacation, we're offering Reading Lists workshops, designed as practical sessions to help you edit your own reading lists, and ask any questions you may have about the system. The workshops will last up to two hours and will take place in the Library (LFA/015). You can book your place online:

We're also developing a practical guide to using the new tool:

This year's lists

After Friday 23 June you won't be able to edit existing lists or upload new lists in EARL (the 'old' system). This is so that we can start transferring all the lists over to the new system. Please contact our Reading Lists team if you need to make changes.

Lists will appear in the new system early in July; we’ll announce this once it's live.