Fictitious dishes

Posted on 25 September 2017

We're marking the York Food and Drink Festival with food themed events in the University Library and the Minster Library this week.

A page from a handwritten recipe book held in the Minster Library

In the University Library, we've gathered a picnic basket full of fictitious dishes, featured in books or films held in the Library. If you're new to cooking, or you're looking to expand your culinary repertoire, we're displaying a selection of recipe books and giving you the chance to swap and share recipes on our bunting: add your own, take photos of other people's suggestions, and share on social media, tagging us @UoYLibrary

In the Minster Library, the Mix All Well Together exhibit showcases a selection of recipe and cookery books, along with objects and other food histories. They date predominantly from 1700-1900, and give a sense of how fashions and tastes in food and drink have changed. The exhibition runs until Tuesday 17 October.

Finally, look out for food related posts on our blog this week:

The York Food and Drink Festival runs 22 September - 1 October.