Colouring and canines: de-stress in the Library

Posted on 27 April 2017

We know that this is a busy term - especially if you're in your final year - so we're giving you opportunities to make relaxation part of your timetable.

Photos of cardboard dinosaur and colouring page.

Working constantly isn't productive: when you're tired and stressed, you can't take information in, or produce your best work.

Whether you like dogs, drawing, or dinos, when you're planning out your work this term, book in some time to join us at our de-stressing activities.

Mindfulness colouring

A chance to concentrate on nothing but a swirling pattern and which shade to pick next. Surprisingly relaxing - and if you decide to colour outside the lines, we won't object!

If mandalas aren't your thing, we also need your help to build and colour our cardboard T-Rex, who will stand around 1.5 metres tall when complete.

  • Two drop-in sessions in Week 5
  • Wednesday 17 May, 11am - 1pm
  • Friday 19 May, 12pm - 2pm
  • Morrell Lounge
  • No need to book, but sign up to the Facebook event if you'd like a reminder on the day

Just join us at the tables in the Morrell Lounge at any point during the session. We'll provide a selection of colouring designs and pens, as well as a build and colour T-Rex which will eventually stand around 1.5 metres high.

No time to colour on the day? Pick up a colouring sheet and take it away with you.

Guide dog meet and greet

We're welcoming canine (and human) visitors from the Guide Dogs for the Blind charity. Meeting new people is an important part of their social training, so as well as taking some time out to relax and meet the friendly pups and dogs, you’ll also be helping out others. It's a great opportunity to find out more about the amazing skills of these life-changing dogs.

  • Friday 26 May (Week 6) - times to be confirmed in early May
  • LFA/204/5 (Library Fairhurst building)
  • Book a 15 minute slot in advance (we'll open bookings once times are confirmed - watch this space)
    • Sign up to the Facebook event to get a reminder when we open bookings
  • Make a suggested £2 donation on the day

As an extra thank you to Guide Dogs for the Blind, we'll donate any Library charges paid on the day to them.

Photo of two Guide Dogs.

Having fun?

If you enjoy our events, let us know! Send us your pictures #UoYcalm and share your de-stressing ideas #UoYTips.

Wellbeing information & events

The University provides lots of information and support for any challenges that you might encounter:

YUSU run 'Give it a go' sessions this term - a chance to relax with a new activity - and offer wellbeing information on their website:

The GSA advertise events in their newsletter and on social media, and provide welfare links on their website: