Photocopying data collection: 18 September - 27 October

Posted on 13 September 2017

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is undertaking a six week Photocopying Data Collection survey on both the Heslington campuses, starting on Monday 18 September.

Participation in this exercise is a condition of our CLA Licence; the CLA relies on our data to ensure that the publishers and authors of the books and journals our students are reading get a fair share of royalties from our £130k annual licence fee.

Collection boxes are being installed next to York Print Plus machines in many academic departments. If you're a lecturer or tutor and you photocopy or print out a book chapter or journal article to be distributed as course reading, you need to make an additional copy of the title page, affix the label provided by the CLA, and deposit it in the collection box.

There's no need to report:

  • Digital copies made by scanning from print (the CLA collects this data every May by other means)
  • Book chapters or journal articles photocopied/printed on an ad-hoc basis for individual students or colleagues
  • Copies of lecture notes or any other teaching material which does not originate from a published book or journal
  • Any copies made for your own private study
  • Any copies made by students to share with classmates or tutors, unless they are acting on behalf of a member of staff

If you have any questions about the survey, or about making copies of course reading for students, please contact us: Take a look at our Reading Lists Practical Guide for an overview of the services we provide to help lecturers distribute course reading to students, including digitization from print and allocation of Key Texts.