Submitting your Spring resource lists

Posted on 21 October 2016

Please submit your new and updated Spring Term resources lists to the Library by Monday 21 November.

We recommend that you get your lists to the Library for the Spring term by Monday 21 November (week 9). This is to give us enough time to acquire new books, move items to the Key Texts Collection, and complete any digitisation requests for chapters and articles.

We do understand that it's not always possible to get your lists ready by the deadline. We will always do our best to accommodate new lists coming in after that, but the more notice you can give us, the better!

Please bear in mind the following…

  • The more lists we have by the deadline, the easier it is for us to work with those that have to be submitted later
  • If your list isn't complete by the deadline, please submit it anyway - you can always add to it later
  • If you know that you, or a colleague, will need more time, please let us know as soon as possible

For new or reworked modules, send us your list using our online form and we'll create it for you in the EARL system (our resource list tool). For existing modules and more information, please see the guidance on our Resource lists page or get in touch for more advice.

Finally, if you know of a disabled student taking your module, please get in touch now so that we can discuss electronic reading options.

Further help

Please email if you require help using EARL.

If you have further questions relating to your resource lists, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.