E-resources Walk-in Access terms and conditions

When you sign in to use the Walk-in Access service, you will be asked to agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

You cannot use the electronic resources available through the Walk-in Access service unless you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

In the following paragraphs a Walk-in User is defined as any person who is not a currently registered student, faculty member or employee of the University and has been granted access to the University network.

In the following paragraphs any reference to IT Services or facilities applies, where appropriate, to those which are available on systems run by the University of York IT Services. To be permitted to use University computing facilities, users are deemed to have read and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Rules for the use of University computing facilities by Walk-in Users:
    • Users may only access the University network from dedicated computers within Library premises
    • Users may only access those resources which are available to Walk-in Users
    • Users must not use or attempt to use any networked service accessed from the University for unauthorised purposes.  Use of software/datasets licensed through CHEST must comply with the conditions set out in the relevant Eduserv Agreement, the definition of use for Educational Purposes and the associated User Acknowledgement of Third Party Rights Form
    • Users must not use electronic resources for commercial activities
    • Resources accessed electronically may be used for educational purposes only e.g. teaching and training staff and students, student course work, research activities, etc
    • Users must not damage University computer equipment or interfere with systems or any other user software housed on the University computer systems, including the introduction of viruses
    • Users must not use or attempt to use any network from the University for unauthorised purposes. In particular, the JANET network is subject to the JANET Acceptable Use Policy 
    • Users must not access, transmit, store, print, promote or display offensive, obscene and indecent material (for example pornography; material that is discriminatory on the grounds of sex, race, disability or religion; material likely to incite hatred, terrorism or violence), defamatory materials or materials likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress
    • All computing use must conform to the requirements of the Data Protection Act (1998), the Human Rights Act (1998), the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988), the Computer Misuse Act (1990), all other relevant legislation
  2. Users of the University computing facilities that are found to be in breach of any rules will be denied further access to the University computing facilities and those resources made available to Walk-in Users
  3. Users also agree to abide by the guidance on conduct in the University Library as outlined in the Library regulations. We ask that you respect the needs of all other users of the Library, and treat Library staff with respect and courtesy at all times. Please observe any signage and guidance on the use of mobile phones, and eating and drinking in the buildings
  4. Communications/work may be monitored by University IT Services staff as permitted by UK legislation. The legislation allows the interception of network traffic without consent for purposes such as recording evidence of transactions, ensuring regulatory compliance, detecting crime or unauthorised use and ensuring the efficient operation of University communications systems. Should monitoring lead to suspicion of criminal activity or gross misconduct, further investigation by authorised staff may result in the examination or seizure of any University owned computer equipment or media related to the suspected offence. Examination may include the opening and reading files or other data stores deemed relevant to the investigation. The University may disclose information to the Police or other authorities, as allowed by legislation, in the case of suspected criminal activity

Work by the Walk-in User will be held on the University IT system and may be made available to University Library staff to ensure that the University fulfils its obligations under UK legislation and the JANET security policy. In doing so, the University will observe at all times the data protection principles embodied in the Data Protection Act 1998.

Data may also be used by University Library staff to monitor the service (eg usage patterns, key resources accessed). Data will be held for a reasonable period of time in relation to current legislation. Personal information will be used to:

  • keep in contact with Walk-in Users to inform them of service developments
  • maintain statistics on types of user accessing the service

All personal information will be kept securely and used solely for the purposes outlined here. It will not be shared with any third parties.