York Open Access Fund payment request

Use this form to request payment of Open Access publication fees from the York Open Access Fund.

The York Open Access Fund can pay Open Access publication fees for publications which will acknowledge support from any of the RCUK Research Councils, or medical research charities which contribute to the Charity Open Access Fund (COAF). For further details and eligibility visit our York Open Access Fund webpage.

From November 2018: Due to limited funds, the York Open Access Fund can only be used to pay publication charges for UKRI-funded research where this is required for compliance with the UKRI/RCUK open access policy. If you can meet these requirements through the 'green' route then you are encouraged to use this option. For more information see:

Requests to the Charity Open Access Fund are not affected.

After you submit a request, a member of the Library team will contact you using the email address submitted.

Information submitted using this form will be retained by the Library, and where payments are made from the York Open Access Fund, details of publications and payments will be made available to the research funders and may be made public.