Accessibility statement

Funding and Support

The collections held in York Digital Library (YODL) are constantly growing, and we are open to suggestions for resources to include. We can also help with funding proposals and projects. Please see the FAQs below for more information.

How do you select resources for inclusion in the Digital Library?

We are happy to consider any suggestions for resources to include in YODL. However, your suggestion should meet at least one of our collecting principles. All resources are logged and their priority is considered. Some small collections can be added to YODL immediately, whilst others may have to wait until time and resource are available.

We license all of the resources in YODL so that end users are aware of what they are permitted to use them for. The following documents outline our preferred license options:

I have some resources that I think the Digital Library should have

We are always looking for new collections and would be happy to discuss your resources. If you'd like to suggest resources for inclusion in the Digital Library, please fill in the form below, outlining how your collection or items meet at least one of our collecting principles:

I'm writing a funding proposal . . .

and my project needs to build a repository/data library

The Digital Library has a good track record in repository-building. We are currently providing technical management and infrastructure to the ESRC IRIS project - a repository for second language research resources. We are always interested in discussing proposals and can offer services from resource storage through to being part of the project and helping recruit and host technical staff.

and I have to provide information about how I will store the data from the project

Depending on what the data is, we may well be able to offer you long term storage and access. If the content requires bespoke development in order to make it available, we can discuss that too and are happy to provide costings. Please contact us to discuss your needs. We will be happy to provide information for a technical appendix if appropriate.

My funder requires me to store my data in a repository

Depending on what the data is, we may well be able to offer you long term storage and access. Alternatively, we can help identify a relevant national or international repository. Please contact us for further advice.

I’m about to create some digital images, do you have any advice?

I’m taking pictures of people, what’s a model release form?

It’s sensible when taking pictures of people to agree permission with the subjects to re-use those images. We have prepared a simple form which may be useful:

I want to digitise audio or video, can you help?

Whilst we don't offer formal audio and video digitisation facilities, we are able to digitise cassettes and may be able to point you to other digitisation services. You may also want to contact the Audio-Visual Centre.

The following guidance may also be of use:

I’m interested in open data and linked data

So are we! Take a look at our OpenART project and contact us to talk more about opportunities.

I've got an idea for how to use some of the resources from YODL

Great! If your use is within the terms of the license applied to the resources, please go ahead. If it isn't, please contact us as we may be able to help, and if you do something interesting with our content, please let us know.

I have a question about copyright

The Records Management & Information Governance Office provides advice at: