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York Digital Library Collecting Principles

We are happy to consider suggestions for resources to include in York Digital Library (YODL). Resources should meet one or more of our collecting principles below and be within the scope of the Digital Library. If you have any questions about whether your content would be appropriate, then please contact us.

Collecting Principles


The Digital Library aims to make its content available to both University of York users and the wider public without rights restrictions. Where this is not possible, we provide a number of options for controlling access to content, including the use of a Creative Commons Licence, or by restricting access to online use or to University of York users only.

Education and Research

The Digital Library's principal aim is to support and enhance learning, teaching and research at the University of York. Therefore, if your content contributes to any of these areas we will consider your collection for inclusion, providing it is within the scope of our collections.


We particularly seek to provide access to collections which span, or could be used across, multiple disciplines.

Uniqueness and Reputation

We aim to showcase content which will enhance the standing or reputation of the University of York. This may include material which requires specialist digitisation, conservation, storage or access, or has local, national or international significance.


The Digital Library is committed to keeping digital content for the long-term. We therefore seek content which is in need of digitisation because of the degradation of the original or the importance of long term preservation of the digitised or digital content.


The scope of Digital Library content includes the following broad categories:

  • Still images
  • Sound: digital audio files including musical performance and broadcast materials
  • Moving Images and video: digital video and film, including performance and broadcast material
  • Scholarly Texts such as transcriptions of scholarly volumes, digitised special collections scholarly writings that are not covered by White Rose Research Online or White RoseETheses Online
  • Manuscripts
  • Software or code
  • Datasets, for example statistical, experimental or analysis data (please note that this is intended for smaller datasets or those in danger of being lost, rather than large scientific datasets)
  • Collections and aggregations combining any of the above types

Some types of data and service which are considered out of the current scope are:

  • Research publications or any similar materials falling within the remit of White Rose Research Online
  • Course development and creation and/ or storage of course materials or learning objects used exclusively for teaching – these fall within the remit of the Yorkshare VLE teaching
  • Current web pages
  • Current information, rapidly changing information and time-limited information such as news Library resources, such as those requested via reading lists or other Library stock (not including Special Collections materials)

YODL is an online service, therefore all content must be in digital form, or be able to be digitised. If your resources are in need of digitisation please contact us as we may be able to help you with this, or put you in contact with someone who can.

Please note: the Library regularly reviews its collections and reserves the right not to include, or to remove access to, items which do not meet these principles.