Charles Feinstein collection

The collection

The Charles Feinstein collection comprises 683 books on economics and economic history with the bulk of the collection spanning from 1900-1950. The intrinsic value of the collection lies in its intellectual cohesion and completeness; notable highlights of the collection include a number of first editions including JM Keynes.

The collector

Charles Hilliard Feinstein (18 March 1932 – 27 November 2004) was a noted South African and British economic historian. He made important contributions to growth accounting and the measurement of standards of living. Among his many academic appointments he was Professor of Economic and Social History at University of York.


The collection was donated to the University Library in 2006 after his widow expressed her wish to have the books housed by the University in order to make use of the collection as an invaluable research tool for students.

Collection access

The main collection is housed in the Morrell Library and is reference only, with a smaller collection in the Rare Books Collection.