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Audio visual collection: screening copies guide

The Library purchases additional copies of audio visual material specifically for departments to screen for educational purposes. These are known as screening copies.

Who can borrow screening copies?

Academic staff and screening assistants nominated by the department can borrow screening copies for up to one week.

If you are borrowing an AV item for the purpose of screening it, we recommend that you borrow the screening copy and not the flexible loan copy. This enables us to guarantee a one week loan period which would not be possible with the flexible loan copy, which can be requested by other Library users.

If you're a member of staff using this service for the first time, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian (see Further Information below) in advance to request that your Library account is updated with borrowing rights for screening copies.

Nominating a screening assistant

Staff from academic departments can nominate postgraduates and postdocs who teach to be recognised by the Library as screening assistants. Contact your Academic Liaison Librarian (see Further information below) with the following information:

  • Name of the postgraduate/postdoc
  • Email address of the postgraduate/postdoc
  • Time period for which they will need screening assistant privileges

The Library will then update the student's account so that they can borrow screening copies from the AV collection.

How does the Library know that we need an item for screening?

If the AV item is included on your reading list, you can add a note in the Library Discussion field to tell us that you require the item for screening.

If the resource is not included in your reading list, you can either fill in a purchase suggestion form (see Further Information below) indicating that this item is needed for screening in the Additional Notes field or email your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Where are screening copies kept?

Screening copies of AV items are shelved in the main John Barry audio visual collection on the ground floor of the Fairhurst Building.

All reference items in this collection that have been purchased for screening for educational purposes are labelled on the spine as For use in the Library only.

How do I borrow screening copies?

Screening copies can't be issued at the self-service machines.

Academic staff and screening assistants need to take the screening copy to the Library Help Desk and have it issued to them by a member of Library staff.

When you bring the For use in the Library copy to the Help Desk, you will need to specify how long you need it for.

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