Fines and charges

Feel that a fine or charge is unfair?

View our exceptions policy for Library fines.

We only fine you if you're late returning an item that has been requested by someone else.

We want to achieve zero fines and not have any items returned late. However, any income from fines will be used to purchase additional copies of high demand items.

Flexible loan items: Fines will only be charged on flexible loan items that have been requested by someone else and not returned on time.

Key Texts Collections items: Fines will always be charged for late return of items from the Key Texts Collections, regardless of whether or not they have been booked.

Lost items: The Lost Item Charge will apply if you tell us that you've lost something that you had on loan, or if we mark an item as lost (either because it is requested but not returned within the required period, or because it is not renewed or returned within 56 days of the due date). The charge is made up of the replacement cost of the item, plus a £20 administration fee.

  • If you return an item marked as Lost before you pay the Lost Item Charge, you won't have to pay the replacement cost, but you will still owe the £20 administration fee (plus any fines you have incurred). This remains payable to reflect the inconvenience to other Library users and the staff time involved in the process.
  • If you have paid for a Lost item and subsequently find it, you will not be refunded the cost of the item, but can keep the item.
Late itemFine
Flexible loan items requested by another user £2 per day or part of a day
Key Texts Collections items £1 per hour or part of an hour
Locker key requested by another user £2 per day or part of a day
Laptop  £1 per hour or part of an hour

Note: If you have fines and/or charges of £20 or more you will be unable to borrow or renew items.

How to avoid fines

  • Check the "Fines & Fees" tab in your Library Account regularly
  • Check your email for notification of requests which have changed the return date
  • We will let you know as soon as an item is late. Return the item as soon as possible to keep your fine low
  • Contact us if you have a problem visiting the Library, to discuss your options

How to pay your fines/‌charges

  • Pay at the University Library Help Desk. We accept:
    • Cash
    • Cheque
      made payable to 'University of York'
    • Credit/debit card
      Not American Express
  • Pay at the King's Manor Library Help Desk. We accept:
    • Cash
    • Cheque
      made payable to 'University of York'
    • There are no card payment facilities at King's Manor and unfortunately we can no longer take payments over the phone.
  • Use the designated self-service issue machines on the ground floor of the JB Morrell Library or at King's Manor Library. You can pay the balance in full or part by card and the minimum payment is £0.50.  
  • Pay online using the University's Online Store. These payments may not be processed straightaway - we'll send you an email when the fine has been cleared from your account.

We are unable to take payments when the Library is open for self-service only. Please check the Library opening hours.