Accessibility statement

Terms and conditions

Your registration on an LFA course will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. External participants must be aged 18 years or over to register for a course.

  2. Full course fees are due for payment at the time of registration.

  3. The University reserves the right to cancel any course which does not recruit a viable number of students. A full refund will be made in this case.

  4. Any request for a class change must be made to the Language and Linguistic Science administration at and depends upon the availability of places.

  5. The Head of Department reserves the right to exclude any student who makes it difficult for the class to operate in line with the University’s vision of an academic community.

  6. The Department of Language and Linguistic Science will seek to keep to the course dates published but reserves the right to alter times, dates and venues in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If you are unable to attend at the new times/dates arranged for the course or under the new delivery mode, a partial refund will be given.**

  7. If you are taking the LFA course as a fee-paying student (extra-curricular), the end-of-year examination is an optional component. Students are under no obligation to take it. The Department is under no obligation to make specific arrangements to suit students’ personal commitments.

  8. If you have completed the course but are unable to take the end-of-year examination at the published dates (Summer Term and/or August resit examinations), no refund will be given.

  9. LFA examinations are centrally scheduled and cannot be re-arranged outside the Common Assessment Periods.

  10. Students unable to take the scheduled end-of-year LFA examinations due to unforeseen adverse circumstances, such as illness or bereavement, can apply to sit the LFA exams at a later stage via the Exceptional Circumstances affecting Assessment (ECA) procedure.

  11. If their request to sit their examinations (as if for the first time) is accepted under the ECA procedure, students will be given the opportunity to take the examinations in the August resit week.

  12. If their request is not approved under the ECA procedure, students will not be allowed to resit the examination.

  13. The Department of Language and Linguistic Science reserves the right to cancel a class if the tutor is absent due to illness or unavoidable circumstances. If a class has to be cancelled, the tutor will arrange a replacement class at a time to suit the majority of students. No refunds will be made in the event of some course participants being unable to attend at the rearranged time.

  14. All bank charges are the responsibility of the student.

  15. The University does not accept responsibility for losses or expenses incurred, however caused.

  16. In order to be eligible for a certificate at the end of a course, students must have attended at least 75% of their course.
  17. Refunds are not normally paid after the start of a course. Any request made after this date should be made in writing to the Student Services Manager, Tamara Grant, and must be related to extenuating circumstances beyond your control and supported by written evidence. All refunds are subject to an administrative fee of £25.