Accessibility statement

Welcome to Languages for All

Thank you for taking a few minutes to check the key information outlined below in order to ensure a smooth start of the course.

Attending classes

Times and rooms for LFA courses can be found on our Timetables for courses and exams page.

Please note that teaching begins at five minutes past the hour and ends at five minutes to the hour in order to allow for room changes between lessons.

Course information

Information about courses and levels are available on our Courses and languages page.

If you are a credit student, the level at which you have to study will be determined by your previous language learning experience. However, extracurricular students have more flexibility and can move levels in the first three weeks of teaching.  Beyond that point, group changes cannot be accommodated. Please approach your tutor for advice.

Setting up your university email account

If you are not a student or member of staff at the University of York, you will need to set up your University email account. Please activate your account in readiness for your first class using the individual username and initial password sent to you on the Friday before classes start.

  1. Log into the Identity Manager

  2. Provide answers to the security questions

  3. Choose a new secure password

You will be able to access your University email account as well as the Virtual Learning environment once you have set up your computing account. Your email account and the VLE can be accessed off campus. Your University login details will also give you access to the printers available around the campus.

We will only contact you using your University of York email address. It is advisable to check this regularly for any changes to class venues and timings.

Accessing your University Timetable

To access your timetable click University Timetable. Then select ‘View timetable’ from the top right hand corner of the screen.

Should you wish to synchronise your University timetable with your personal electronic calendar please follow the instructions given.  Please note, the frequency with which your electronic calendar will update will depend on the calendar application you are using. Further information is available on the Timetable help page.

Keeping in touch

If we have to contact you urgently (e.g. class cancellation), we will email your University email account and, where possible, ring the number(s) you have provided. It is therefore essential that we have your up-to-date contact details. Please contact the LFA office if there are any changes to your details. 

If you need to contact tutors, please email them directly (contact details available in Language tutors list). They will endeavour to reply as soon as possible, but allow for at least two working days.  

What to do if you are absent

If you are unable to attend a class please inform your tutor by email, copying in the LFA office ( For credit students, the University rules for self-certification apply. Please note that an attendance record is sent to home departments every week for each student taking an LFA course for credit.

Main contact and support

Your tutor will be your main point of contact for any issue related to teaching and learning on the course. Do not hesitate to approach him/her for advice. If you wish to discuss your language learning experience beyond the support that a tutor can provide, please approach the LFA Coordinator responsible for the language you are studying. You will find their contact details on our Language tutors page. If you would like to discuss any matter of language learning which is beyond the scope of your tutor or the Coordinator, please contact the Deputy Chair of the Language Executive, Géraldine Enjelvin ( For any admin related query, please contact LFA reception

Access to the library

If you are attending classes in the library/Harry Fairhurst Building or would like access to library services, you will need to request a University of York student card.

1. Once you have set up your University account log into Evision 

2. Upload a recent photo of yourself

3. Confirm your home address by emailing 

Your card will be sent out to you or, alternatively, you can collect your card from the Information Centre on campus. For more information, visit the 'Your University Card' web page.

Travelling to the University and locating your class

If you are not an existing student familiar with the University of York campus, you may find the following information useful:

Fostering an inclusive learning community

The University has policies to ensure that all staff and students are fairly treated. Similarly, we are keen to ensure that students with disabilities are not disadvantaged in studying and we are committed to providing access and care whenever possible.

For more information, consult:

- Equality and Diversity

- Disability Support