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LFA short courses

Short course fees 2022/23

£108 University of York students

£120 University of York staff/public.     

Teaching update

Learn a language at a relaxed pace in an informal setting. Our short courses start in term 2 and:

  • Are open to everyone - students, university staff and the general public
  • Run for 8 weeks over one university term (term 2 and/or term 3)
  • Consist of a 2-hours face-to-face class per week
  • Cater for beginners, intermediate and more advanced learners
  • Are delivered in teaching groups of no more than 20 people
  • Focus on building speaking and listening skills through discussion
  • Are non-assessed

If UK government guidance on Covid 19 was to change, we would have to follow their new rules and regulations, which may result in all LFA courses to be delivered online.

We offer three types of courses. Find out more below:

Intercultural Understanding

Languages for Intercultural understanding
(non-Romanised languages for beginners)

Our Languages for Intercultural Understanding classes:

  • Are usually available for Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian
  • Have an emphasis on developing intercultural understanding
  • Provide learners with key expressions and vocabulary
  • Allow learners to build their confidence when interacting with native speakers

These introductory courses can lay the foundations for further formal study.

A certificate of attendance is available on request.

Everyday Communication

Languages for Everyday Communication
(beginners and post-beginners)

Our Languages for Everyday Communication classes:

  • Are offered for French, German, Italian, Polish & Spanish
  • Are for learners with no or very little knowledge of the language
  • Develop learners’ confidence in engaging in everyday communicative situations
  • Provide the building blocks for manipulating basic structures
  • Equip learners with relevant language learning strategies

A certificate of attendance is available on request.

Conversation and Culture

Languages for Conversation and Culture
(intermediate and advanced)

Our Languages for Conversation and Culture classes:

  • Are offered for German, Italian & Spanish
  • Are for learners with a reasonable knowledge of the language already
  • Are available at intermediate and advanced levels
  • Help learners to gain fluency and improve their speaking skills
  • Foster a deeper understanding of contemporary cultural issues

A certificate of attendance is available on request.