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LFA short courses

Registration for the Term 3 LFA short courses is now open

Registration will close at midday on Monday 17 April.

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Short course fees 2022/23

£108 University of York students

£120 University of York staff/public.     

Teaching update

Learn a language at a relaxed pace in an informal setting. Our short courses are offered in term 2 and/or term 3 and:

  • Are open to everyone - students, university staff and the general public
  • Run for 8 weeks over one university term (term 2 and/or term 3)
  • Consist of a 2-hours face-to-face class per week
  • Cater for beginners, intermediate and more advanced learners
  • Are delivered in teaching groups of no more than 20 people
  • Focus on building speaking and listening skills through discussion
  • Are non-assessed

We offer three types of courses. Find out more below:

Intercultural Understanding

Languages for Intercultural understanding
(non-Romanised languages for beginners)

Our Languages for Intercultural Understanding classes:

  • Are offered for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.
  • Have an emphasis on developing intercultural understanding
  • Provide learners with key expressions and vocabulary
  • Allow learners to build their confidence when interacting with native speakers

These introductory courses can lay the foundations for further formal study.

A certificate of attendance is available on request.

Everyday Communication

Languages for Everyday Communication: beginners (A1 CEFR descriptor) and post-beginners (A1/A2 CEFR descriptors)

Our Languages for Everyday Communication classes:

  • Are offered for French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Ukrainian.
  • Are for learners with no or very little knowledge of the language
  • Develop learners’ confidence in engaging in everyday communicative situations
  • Provide the building blocks for manipulating basic structures
  • Equip learners with relevant language learning strategies

A certificate of attendance is available on request.

Conversation and Culture

Languages for Conversation and Culture: intermediate (A2/B1 CEFR descriptors = GCSE or equivalent) and advanced (B1/B2 CEFR descriptors = A'level or equivalent)

Our Languages for Conversation and Culture classes:

  • Are offered for French, German, Italian & Spanish
  • Are for learners with a reasonable knowledge of the language already
  • Are available at intermediate and advanced levels
  • Help learners to gain fluency and improve their speaking skills
  • Foster a deeper understanding of contemporary cultural issues

A certificate of attendance is available on request.