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LFA Year-long courses

Languages on offer

Year-long course fees 2021/22

£0 if taken for credit

£245 University of York students

£325 over 60s/students from other universities/schools (You will be required to provide proof that you are eligible for this discounted rate)

£370 University of York staff/public

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Study a language in-depth and take advantage of the value that comes with a formal approach to language learning. LFA courses:

  • are open to everyone - students, university staff and the public
  • start each Autumn and run for 19 weeks over 3 university terms
  • can be taken by students for credit at no charge (see below), or as an extracurricular activity at a reduced cost
  • are available from beginner level, and in some languages up to degree level (levels 3-5)
  • are delivered in teaching groups of no more than 20 students 
  • adopt a communicative approach 
  • provide a sound understanding of the structure of the language 
  • make use of both textbooks and/or authentic material.

LFA teaching update

Following current UK government guidance on Covid 19, we are returning to in-person teaching.

We are committed to on-campus face-to-face teaching, but we also want to capitalise on the potential and obvious advantages of online teaching to enhance your learning experience.

Students taking an LFA module for credit do not need to register, whereas non-credit students need to register via our registration page.

At the point of registration for year-long courses, for most languages and levels, students will be able to choose between 2 delivery modes:

  • face-to-face (2 hours per week)
  • online only (2 hours per week)

Places in the online only courses will be limited (one group for each language/level)

The following principles apply to all our courses, whatever the mode of delivery:

  • Places will be assigned on a first come first served basis 
  • The learning aims and objectives of our courses are unchanged, as are the breadth and depth of content.
  • The workload remains in accordance with academic requirements (20 credits = 200 hours of learning).
  • The course material is adapted to both modes of delivery (face-to-face and online only).
  • Interaction with peers and tutors remains at the heart of our course design and delivery.
  • You need to have access to a laptop or desktop and internet connection (please check the minimum specifications)

If UK government guidance on Covid 19 was to change, we would have to follow their new rules and regulations, which may result in all LFA courses to be delivered online.


Students’ performance will be monitored through formative work throughout the year and assessed via an end of year online exam. Assessment details will  be available by the start of the module.

LFA courses for credit

University of York undergraduate students can take some year-long LFA courses as a 20-credit elective/option embedded in their degree programme. As credit-bearing language modules are funded by a share of the tuition fee, there is no extra charge for students.

This is a fantastic way to add an international dimension to your degree, add extra value to your time at York and improve your employability, free of charge. 

If you wish to take an LFA course as a degree module, please check with your academic department to ensure that your degree programme can accommodate an LFA course. 

For more information go to LFA Courses for Credit.

Modern Greek and Polish cannot be taken for credit.

Levels available

The learning aims and objectives of our year-long courses are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The CEFR sets out descriptors for levels of language proficiency (mainly applicable to European languages).  It is widely used within and outside Europe and recognised by many institutions and employers. Note that the CEFR is a guideline for setting syllabuses but not a seal of approval for levels of achievement. Exit level depends on student's previous knowledge, exposure to the target language, and amount of independent study.

If you need further guidance on which level to enrol on, please contact


Previous language experience

CEFR descriptors

Languages available

Level 1

No knowledge of the target language


Arabic, Chinese, Classical and Medieval Latin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Modern Greek, Polish, Russian, Spanish

Level 1+

Basic language skills, LFA Level 1 or equivalent


French, German and Spanish

Level 2

GCSE, LFA Level 1/1+ or equivalent


Arabic, Chinese, Classical and Medieval Latin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Modern Greek, Russian, Spanish

Level 3

A Level, LFA Level 2 / 2+ or equivalent


Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Modern Greek, Russian, Spanish

Level 4

LFA Level 3 or equivalent


French, German, Spanish

Level 5

LFA Level 4 or equivalent

B2+/C1 or C2

German, Spanish