One free general or international mobility course to undergraduates registered in 2016/17

Free course entitlement

If you are an undergraduate student registered in 2016/17 for a University of York degree, you are entitled to take one course free of charge on the 19-week LFA general programme or 16-week French for International Mobility programme within your first year of study.

Please note:

This offer is the same as a voucher that expires upon registering - once you have signed up to a course using your free entitlement, your entitlement has then been used, regardless of if / when you withdraw.

If you registered in 2014-15 or 2015-16 for a University of York degree and have not yet redeemed your free entitlement, you are still eligible to take on a free language course in 2016-17.

Short courses and specialist courses are not included in this offer.

This entitlement is not available to visiting or postgraduate students.



To register for your free course, please go to our online registration page and click 'REGISTER NOW!'. On the fees page of the registration journey, you can redeem your free entitlement by clicking that button.

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