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Courses as degree modules

Under the university's modularisation scheme, Year 1 and above undergraduate students can take some LFA courses on the 19-week general programme as 20-credit degree modules, provided they have the prior agreement of their home department.

This is an excellent way to add an international dimension to the modules studied within your degree.

No fee is payable if you take an LFA course for degree credit.

Check with your department

If you wish to take an LFA course as a degree module, please check with your academic department first in order to ensure that this is possible within your degree programme. As LFA courses are "long thin" modules taught over all three terms, your degree structure must be able to accommodate your language course alongside your other modules.

If your department confirms that you can take an LFA course for credit, please obtain and complete the necessary electives form and get it signed by your department, then bring it to LFA Reception/email it to LFA so we can then liaise with your department and enrol you on a course for degree credit. Download the form here: Electives form (MS Word , 772kb)

(N.B. Please do not register for your course online, via our website, as this will add the course as an extra-curricular course, rather than it being added to your degree modules).

Where parallel groups are offered, we will try to group students taking courses for degree credit in the same class.

Languages we offer

The courses available as 20-credit degree modules are:

Course levels

Details of what previous language skills are appropriate for each level can be found on our Courses and languages page.

If you require any further advice or information, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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