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Chinese (Mandarin)

We offer the following Languages for All courses in Chinese:

General LFA
19-week programme
  • £156 - University of York undergraduate students 

  • £156 - University of York postgraduate students
  • £156 - visiting students studying at the University of York for one year or less

  • £206 - over 60s; students from other colleges

  • £232 - staff/members of the public
non-assessed 8-week course*
  • £82 - University of York students 
  • £95 - staff/members of the public

International Mobility: Chinese for Business Communication & Cultural Understanding

course runs in Term 2; subject to demand

  • £100 - University of York undergraduate/postgraduate students
  • £100 - visiting students
  • £120 - staff/members of the public

*In 2016-17, these courses will be offered in Terms 1-3 subject to sufficient demand only. Please register your interest on the registration page here or email the departmental reception on so we can contact you if we are able to offer the course of your choice.

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Our Registration page has an up-to-date list of which courses are available in 2016-17.

Year-long course fees 2017/18 

£0 if taken as part of a University of York degree

£159 University of York students

£210 over 60s/students from other universities/schools

£237 University of York staff/public