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Autumn 2023 Languages For All course changes

Students at the University of York can take a Languages For All (LFA) course as part of their degree. Due to the upcoming Semesterisation and Modularisation project, there will be some changes to the course structure for those students starting their course in Autumn 2023 which are detailed below.

Key Changes

Currently, students who take an LFA module for credit are taught in the same seminar group as students who take an LFA module on an extracurricular basis or members of the public. In the semesterised structure, the elective (for-credit) provision is separated from the extracurricular one and is aligned in content and teaching methodology to the UG provision. In Post-A Level French, German, Italian and Spanish, the UG and LFA provision are merged: students who have an A Level in the language of study will be able to join the UG language modules in semester 1.

Structure Changes

The current LFA provision consists of:

  • Year-long courses (can be taken for credit)
  • Short courses (Languages for Everyday Communication, Conversation and Culture, Languages for Intercultural Understanding) - not for credit
  • Languages for Specific Purposes (some for credit and some not-for credit)

With Course levels ranging from Level 1 to 5 max.

In the new Semesterisation and Modularisation structure, these levels will be replaced with the range from Beginner to Proficient (Beginner, Elementary, Advanced, Proficient). All courses will be one semester long and will be organised as follows:

  • Elective Modules (20 Credits)
  • Languages for All (extracurricular/not-for-credit)
  • Languages for Specific Purposes (for-credit or extracurricular/not-for-credit)

New Course Structure

Elective modules (20 credits).

These modules can be taken for credit from UG students across the University. 

    • Pre-A-Level students have the option to enrol at beginner, elementary, lower intermediate, and intermediate level, depending on their language qualification. Modules will run each semester for 11 weeks (3 hrs pw). Students learn at a faster pace and are formally assessed at the end of each semester.
      • Students with an A-level in French, German, Italian or Spanish will join the semester 1 modules on the UG degree programmes at upper intermediate (C), Advanced (I), or Proficient (H) levels (3 hrs pw), depending on their language qualification (not the University stage).
        • Students with an A-level in  Arabic, Chinese, Classical Latin, Japanese, Medieval Latin and Russian are very rare. Modules in these languages will be available subject to demand. 

        Languages for All (extracurricular /not-for-credit).

        These courses replace the former year-long and short courses. They cannot be taken for credit and are for students who want to study a language on an extracurricular basis, staff and members of the public. These courses will usually run in the evening, for 11 weeks, 2 hrs per week. Students will learn at a slower pace and will be given the opportunity to submit a portfolio on successful completion of which they will receive a certificate of completion.

        Languages for Specific Purposes (for-credit or extracurricular / not-for-credit).

        This strand includes bespoke courses, designed by staff for students in specific departments (e.g. Arabic for Medievalists, Italian and German for Musicians, Italian for Art Historians).