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Volume 1 - Spring 2020


Professor Caroline Hunter

Hunter - Foreword Spring 2020 (PDF , 101kb)

Editorial: A Whole New World

Carl Makin and Isabel Ringrose

Makin and Ringrose - Editorial (PDF , 135kb)

Blurring Lines: Loot Boxes and Gambling in the Video Game Industry

Deric Lui, Benjamin Thompson, and Carter Rich

Lui, Thompson and Rich - Blurring Lines (PDF , 503kb)

May the Farce Be With You: Confusing Sculptures Post-Lucasfilm

Elinor Coombs

Coombs - May the Farce Be With You (PDF , 368kb)

EU Competition Policy: Algorithmic Collusion in the Digital Single Market

Alexander Stewart-Moreno

Stewart-Moreno - EU Competition Policy (PDF , 587kb)

Harmful Comments on Social Media

Kathryn Chick

Chick - Harmful Comments on Social Media (PDF , 465kb)

Disabled Foetuses and the Search for Equality

Rachel Adam-Smith

Adam-Smith - Disabled Foetuses and the Search for Equality (PDF , 473kb)

Reflecting on the Impact of Strike Action on Problem-Based Learning at York Law School

Lauryn Clarke

Clarke - Reflecting on Impact of Strike Action (PDF , 240kb)


Read the full volume: York Law Review Vol. 1, Spring 2020 (PDF , 1,532kb)

Volume 2 - Spring 2021


Professor Caroline Hunter

Hunter-FOREWORD (PDF , 823kb)

Editorial: Publishing In The ‘New Normal’

Carl Makin and Sam Guy

Makin and Guy - Publishing In The New Normal (PDF , 2,652kb)

Understanding Jonestown: The Criminal Liabilities Of The Port Kaituma Airstrip Shooting And Jonestown Massacre

Charlie Tye

Tye - Understanding Jonestown (PDF , 14,229kb)

Lessons Unlearned: Bloody Sunday And The Conduct Of British Armed Forces In Conflict

Amy Maria Butler

Butler - Lessons Unlearned (PDF , 345kb)

Legitimising Biopiracy? Fairness And Efficacy Of The Nagoya Protocol

Dominic Querée Hodnett

Hodnett - Legitimising Biopiracy (PDF , 14,264kb)

The Truth Within Our Roots: Exploring Hair Discrimination And Professional Grooming Policies In The Context Of Equality Law

Stephanie Cohen

Cohen - The Truth Within Our Roots (PDF , 7,687kb)

Blowing The Whistle On The Iraq War: Conscientious Moral Objection And The Duty To Obey The Law

Laura Burke

Burke - Blowing The Whistle (PDF , 13,258kb)

Dworkin's Gift to Constitutional Jurisprudence: Justifying The Moral Reading of The US Constitution

Max Williams

Williams - Justifying the Moral Reading (PDF , 15,859kb)

A Game Of Thrones: The Battle For The Supremacy Of EU Law Following Weiss II

Jakub Kozlowski

Kozlowski - A Game of Thrones (PDF , 5,992kb)

It's Not All Zoom And Gloom: Reflections On University Study During COVID–19

Fraser King

King - It's Not All Zoom and Gloom (PDF , 5,042kb)

"They Were Supposed To Protect Us": Analysing Patriarchy And The Work Of Human Rights Defenders In Nigeria

Nabila Okino

Okino - 'They Were Supposed to Protect Us' (PDF , 15,617kb)

Mechanisms Used To Translate The International Prohibition On Child Recruitment To Armed Non-State Actors In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Ella Allen

Allen - Mechanisms Used to Translate (PDF , 16,104kb)


Read the full volume: York Law Review Vol. 2, Spring 2021 (PDF , 2,186kb)