YLS Super-relaxed research seminar

David Fox (Edinburgh Law School)
Cryptocurrency transactions and the exclusion of property law

14 November 2018, LMB 128/129

We are delighted to have David Fox from Edinburgh Law School vist for our next YLS Super-relaxed research seminar. David's paper (abstract below) is on 'Cryptocurrency transactions and the exclusion of property law'.

Elliott Keech has kindly agreed to respond.

Abstract: This seminar considers the feasibility applying the rules of property law to cryptocurrencies transactions recorded on a blockchain. It is commonly accepted that blockchain transactions are irreversible and pseudonymous in their technical design. These features create real problems in applying the conventional rules of property to them. The question that may soon confront lawyers is whether cryptocurrency protocols will develop into autonomous transactional systems that operate outside the reach and protection of property law.

All are welcome!

Drinks and nibbles in the department will follow the seminar