Kathryn Wright



Dr Kathryn Wright
LLB (Kent), Dip (Amsterdam), MA (Lancaster), PhD (UEA), PGCAP (York)


I joined York Law School in 2010. During 2018 I am a Parliamentary Academic Fellow providing support and advice to the House of Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee on the UK's future relationship with the EU. In 2014 I was a visiting fellow at the European University Institute, Florence, and at iCourts Centre of Excellence for International Courts, University of Copenhagen. Previously I taught at the University of East Anglia, where I was a Research Associate in the multidisciplinary ESRC Centre for Competition Policy (CCP). Before entering academia I worked at the European Parliament and in a law firm.



  • European Union administrative law and governance         
  • Regulation and competition       
  • The role of courts       
  • Law and linguistics


  • Managing regulatory divergence in the UK's future relationship with the EU
  • Courts and European Regulatory Networks
  • The Impact of EU Soft Law at National Level


Selected publications

  • ‘The Ambit of Judicial Competence After the EU Antitrust Damages Directive’ (2016) 43(1) Legal Issues of Economic Integration 15-40        
  • ‘Jurisdiction and Judgments in Relation to EU Competition Law Claims by M Danov’ (2012) 37(3) European Law Review 355-357        
  • ‘The EU Rules on Standing in Merger Cases: Should Firms Have to Demonstrate “Harm to Competition”?’ (2011) 36(4) European Law Review 500-523 (with M Hviid & M Harker)        
  • ‘Judicial Scrutiny of Merger Decisions in the EU, UK and Germany’ (2011) 60(1) International & Comparative Law Quarterly 93-124 (with M Harker & S Peyer)       
  • ‘The European Commission’s Own ‘Preliminary Reference Procedure’ in Competition Cases?’ (2010) 16(6) European Law Journal 736-759        
  • ‘European Commission Interventions as Amicus Curiae in National Competition Cases: the Preliminary Reference in X BV’(2009) 30 (7) European Competition Law Review 309-313       
  • ‘Bringing Regulatory Processes Back In: The Reform of EU Antitrust and Merger Control’ (2009) special issue ‘The Politics of Conflict Management in EU Regulation’, 32(4) West European Politics 738-755 (with H Kassim)        
  • Editor of double special issue: ‘The Political Economy of Electricity Market Reform in South East Europe’ (2009) 17(1) Utilities Policy, March 2009 (with R Pittman & L Stirton)       
  • ‘Binding the Judicial with the Administrative: Some Aspects of the European Commission’s White Paper on Damages Actions for Breach of EC Antitrust Rules’ (2008) European Current Law, Nov2008 xi-xv        
  • ‘Perfect Symmetry? Impala v Commission and Standard of Proof in EC Mergers’ (2007) 32(3) European Law Review 408-418



  • Competition Law – module leader
  • Law and Language - module leader
  • European Union Law


  • Introduction to Comparative Law - module leader
  • European Competition Law - module leader
  • Research methods

External activities


  • International Society for Public Law (ICON-S)       
  • European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)       
  • University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES)        
  • UK Association for European Law (UKAEL)       
  • Society of Legal Scholars (SLS)        
  • Invited associate member of ESRC Centre for Competition Policy 2012-        
  • White Rose Doctoral Training Centre Socio-Legal Local Pathway Leader 2012-2015        
  • Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) co-convener of EU stream 2013-2015

Editorial duties

  • Reviewer for European Law Review, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Cambridge University Press

Contact details

Dr Kathryn Wright
York Law School

Tel: +44 (0)1904 32 5816