MPhil / PhD

The University of York is a research intensive university which offers a wide range of degrees. Research students develop their own project of academic study with their academic supervisor. Training is provided by the department of law and assessment by thesis which is submitted at the end of the degree.

Progression Policy for YLS PGR Students

The need for this policy arises because of changes to the University rules on Progression.

Importantly, Progression will now be an annual event and will be a genuine “Progression” hurdle rather than a “Confirmation”. It changes emphasis from a single hurdle embodied in “Confirmation” to continuing/ongoing review of a student’s performance in pursuit of research degree award. Full details can be found here.

Nominations for the GSA Elections have opened!

This is YOUR chance to make a real difference to over 4500 postgraduate students at York in one of the UK's only Postgraduate Students Unions.
There are 4 roles up for election: President, Vice President: Wellbeing and Community, Vice President: Academic and Student Trustee. 
The President and VP roles are full time sabbatical roles with £18,500 remuneration and are open to all postgraduates studying at the University of York. The Student Trustee role is open to any continuing postgraduate student 
For more information and to nominate yourself go to 
Know someone who would be perfect for the role? Both staff and students are invited to suggest nominees for the GSA Elections here:

Applications open for 2018 Commonwealth Scholarships for citizens from high income Commonwealth countries

Applications are now open for 2018 Commonwealth PhD Scholarships for citizens of high income Commonwealth countries.

Funded by the UK Department for Education (DfE), these scholarships support excellence in UK higher education and sustain the principles of the Commonwealth. Candidates will be selected based on their potential to lead in the pursuit of global excellence in research and knowledge, as well as academic merit and the quality of their plan of study.

The deadline for applications is 22 May 2018. For full details, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit

Details of current research students and PhD topics:

Carol Forrest
Conceptualising Blame Culture: A Comparative Study of Work-Related Stress Claims in England and Germany
Supervisor: Jenny Steele
Leigh Roberts
Social landlords and their control of anti social behaviour perpetrated by mentally disabled tenants: A critical analysis of the law and policy
Supervisor: Caroline Hunter and Charlotte O’Brien
Aisha Rasool
Derivative Actions in Pakistan and Transplantation of English Law
Supervisors: Richard Nolan
Chloe Gilgan
Sovereignty and the Proportionate Responsibility to Intervene Born of Our Common Humanity - White Rose ESRC Network: Moral Progress and its Political Units: Alternative Forms of Intervention
Supervisors: Lars Waldorf
Liam Kilvington
Providing a new theoretical basis of efficient breach, specifically within the context of commercial contracts
Supervisor: Phillip Morgan and Richard Nolan
Jack Wells
What is a Mere Equity? An Ivestigation of the Nature and Function of so-called 'Mere Equities'
Supervisor: Richard Nolan
Sherif Azer
On Tweets and Treaties: Cyberactivisits as Human Rights Defenders and their role in the Arab Spring
Supervisor: Martin Jones and Alice Nah
Charlotte Ellis
Wrotham Park damages in English contract law: identifying and evaluating internal and external perspectives. Wrotham Park damages are a non-standard remedy in contract law: instead of compensation for loss, the defendant is ordered to pay damages assessed as a reasonable fee which might hypothetically have been demanded by the claimant for permission to breach the contract 
Supervisor: Jenny Steele
Alice Welsh
EU Citisenship and Euroscepticism in the UK
Supervisor: Charlotte O'Brien
Bader Abdeen
Is PTSD a Mitigating Defence Against Criminal Responsibility? 
Supervisor: Matt Matravers
Chloe Boyce
Using Problem Based Learning to improve domestic abuse training for those entering or intending to enter police forces
Supervisor: Patrick Gallimore and Ben Fitzpatrick
Rossella De Bernardi
A Normative Analysis of the Relationship between Political Toleration and Legitimacy in Circumstances of Disagreement about Justice
Supervisor: Matt Matravers
Zein Hud
Terrorism and the Changing Face of Freedom of Freedom of Freedom of Expression in the UK
Supervisor: Joanna Gillmore and Matt Matravers

Enyeribe Oguh
Criminal Justice, Global Politics and the Legitimacy of the International Criminal Court's (ICC) Interventions
Supervisor: Matt Matravers
Role of Law by Local Community in Aceh
Supervisor: Martin Jones
Elliott Keech
Crime, Innovation and the Technology of Money
Supervisors: Sarah Wilson and Henry Yeomans
Andre Pringle
What Role for Environmental Regulation in the prevention and utilisation of food waste?
Supervisors: Carrie Bradshaw and Simon Halliday