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2017/18 prizes

Congratulations to all our students who received the prizes for this academic year.

Law Firm of the Year
Branches Legal

Top Performing Student in Year 1 -  awarded June 2018
Antoine Bouvier

Top Performing Student in Year 1 -  awarded November 2018
Isha Shakir

Allen & Overy Prize for Legal Skills
Isha Shakir

Hogan Lovells Top Performing Student in Law and the Business Environment
Rachel Taylor

YLS Citizenship Awards - nominated by YLS Staff for Final Year students who over the course of their degree have made an outstanding contribution to the life of YLS

3rd Year:
Aaron Bhalla
Beth Critchley
Jenny Davies
Jasmine Pledger
Peter Redshaw
Bryony Whitaker

2nd Year Senior Status:
Arjun Bhaga
Matthias Flug
Veroniki Mylonopoulou

Top Performing Year 1 Senior Status Student
Asena Arioglu

Top Performing Year 2 Senior Status Student
Matthias Flug

1st Year Law Firm of the Year

Top Performing Student in Year 2
Alexander Stewart-Moreno

Joan Samuel Prize - Best Student in Advanced Legal Skills
Lewis Barton

Hogan Lovells Prize for Year 1 FIL - Portfolio & Reflections
Maxim Bogomaz
Autumn Bolton

Hogan Lovells Prize for Best Reflective Reports

Year 2:
Elinor Coombs
Samuel Guy
Greta Mockute

Year 3:
Jessica Baker

Joan Samuel Prize - Best 2nd Year Student Portfolio Performance in a Compulsory Subject Other than Advance Legal Skills
Igraine Brabon
Kieran Donnelly
Jessica Richardson
Luke Walsh

2nd Year Law Firm of the Year
Judge Judy's Juniors

Outstanding Student in Year 3
Peter Redshaw

Tanya Walker Prize for Clinic
Jessica Gracie

OUP Prize for Best Graduating Student
Joshua Fennell

Dissertation Prize
Abbie North
Amalia Tzima

Individual Prizes for Non-Finalist Students - YLS Prizes for Outstanding Contribution to PBL

Year 1:
Jack Duckling
Aymun Jafari
Michael Lillico
Joel Reynolds
Hope Schulz
Annie Tam

Year 2:
Hayat Ahmed
Sasha Beaumont-Hodges
Kathryn Chick
Harry Clark
George Dalziel
Isaac Meyer
Jordan Rogers
Rachel Taylor