2016-17 Prizes

Law Firm of the Year

Corporate XII

Top Performing Student in Year 1

George Dalziel

Hogan Lovells Top Performing Student in Law and the Business Environment

Abigail Saffron

YLS Citizenship Awards - nominated by YLS Staff for Final Year students who over the course of their degree have made an outstanding contribution to the life of YLS

3rd Year:

April Bladon

Elenya Buscombe

Sam Ponniah

Lee Turner 

Jordana West

Oliver Wheeler

2nd Year Senior Status:

Ramzia Khulmi

Top Performing Year 1 Senior Status Student

Matthias Flug

Top Performing Year 2 Senior Status Student

Matteo Maciel

1st Year Law Firm of the Year


Top Performing Student in Year 2

Joshua Fennell

Joan Samuel Prize - Best Student in Advanced Legal Skills

Emma Reynolds

Hogan Lovells Prize for Reflective Reports

Year 1:

Ross George

Year 2:

Charlotte Frost

Year 3:

Emma Jones

PBL - Outstanding Contribution

Year 1:

Mark Boyer

Lydia Brehm

Nikos Parthnopoulos

Year 2:

Lucy Jackson 

Sahin Erdogan

Shoosmiths Prize for 2nd Year Student

Charlotte Frost

2nd Year Law Firm of the Year

Future Focus

Outstanding Student in Year 3

Laura Hyne

Joan Samuel Prize - Best 2nd Year Coursework in a Compulsory Subject Other than Advanced Legal Skills

Elinor Cavil

Tanya Walker Prize for Clinic

Year 2:

Lily Cabot-King

Year 3:

Jake Smith

OUP Prize for Best Graduating Student

Charlotte Johnson

Dissertation Prize

Robert Crawford