2015-16 Prizes

Law Firm of the Year

Justice League

Top Performing Student in Year 1

Hannah Moses

Hogan Lovells Top Performing Student in Law and the Business Environment

George Russell

Emma Storkey

YLS Citizenship Awards - nominated by YLS Staff for 3rd year students who over the course of their degree have made an outstanding contribution to the life of YLS

Kayleigh Bloomfield

Laura Collins

Arnolds Krutilins 

Georgina Patterson

Top Performing Year 1 Senior Status Student

Matteo Maciel

1st Year Law Firm of the Year

Law and Disorder

Top Performing Student in Year 2

Dilraj Basi

Joan Samuel Prize - Best Student in Advanced Legal Skills

Samantha Leaver

Jake Smith

Hogan Lovells Prize for Best Reflective Reports

Year 1:

Sahin Erdogan

Year 2:

Daisy Bowen

Year 3:

Lewis Armour

2nd Year Law Firm of the Year


Outstanding Student in Year 3 (Year 3 average alone)

Kathryn Aylward

Henry Davall

Rebecca Williams

OUP Prize for Best Graduating Student (highest award average)

Rebecca Bannister

Dissertation Prize

Amy Loughery