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The Society of Legal Scholars 2013

Posted on 9 September 2013

York legal scholars present work at Edinburgh conference

Last week members of York Law School presented their research work at the Society of Legal Scholars annual conference at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Laurence Etherington presented a paper within the Legal History section on “Canons of environmental law: pollution of churches and the regulation of the medieval environment”. Dr Carrie Bradshaw presented two papers: one bringing environmental law to company lawyers within the Company Law section, entitled “Corporate conscience and Environmental Management Systems (EMS)” and one bringing company law to environmental lawyers within the Environmental Law section, entitled “Locating corporate conscience”. Dr Adam Tucker delivered a paper within the Public Law section on “Grounds of constitutional review: some tentative preliminaries” and Dr Peter Harrison presented a poster entitled “A step too far? A normative examination of the scope within drug discovery of positive indigenous rights in traditional therapeutic knowledge” . The Society of Legal Scholars annual conference will be held at York Law School in September 2015.