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An Introduction to the Study of Law

Posted on 30 October 2012

York Law School's Socio-legal expert publishes guide for new students

An exciting new publication, edited by York  Law School's Simon Halliday, will help students who are new to the discipline of Law get to grips with the diverse ways it is studied in the modern law school.

Simon's extensive knowledge of socio-legal studies and its increasing use in today's law schools, led him to draw together a team of expert authors who together have created a ‘map’ of legal scholarship for new students.

'An Introduction to the Study of Law' provides highly accessible introductions to the different approaches of studying law and will help students develop an awareness of the various legal methods they will be exposed to during their degree studies.

Commenting on the need for this new book, Simon said:

“Today's new law students need to quickly understand that there is no longer a single ‘legal method’ but rather a variety of methods of studying law. In addition to doctrinal methods, students have to grapple with philosophical, empirical and critical approaches to law, and, increasingly, analyses of law through the lens of popular culture. This new book will help them get to grips with this diversity quickly and easily, providing a great base for their degree studies.”

The contributors to 'An Introduction to the Study of Law'  are: 

Jenny Steele (University of York) on doctrinal approaches;

John Gardner (University of Oxford) on philosophical approaches;

Simon Halliday (University of York) on empirical approaches;

Donald Nicolson (University of Strathclyde) on critical approaches;

Peter Robson (University of Strathclyde) on law and popular culture;

Prue Vines (University of New South Wales) on comparative approaches; and

TT Arvind (University of Newcastle) on historical approaches.