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Disability & Welfare

York Law School is dedicated to creating a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for students and staff who have disabilities.  

The University of York’s Disability Services offer advice to staff, students and visitors and to promote inclusivity across the University.

York Law School’s dedicated Disability and Welfare Officer, Louise Prendergast ( liaises closely with colleagues from the department, Disability Services and other central support units to ensure appropriate advice and support are provided to all students and staff regarding disabilities.

Information for staff

The University of York has a dedicated Disabled Staff Network: INCLUDE. The network meets once a term and occasionally features invited speakers. The network aims to promote the value of disabled talent and improve the working experience of staff members by raising awareness, sharing good practice and providing a space for discussion and exchange.

University guidance and information for disabled staff

Practical advice for disabled staff

Information for students

The University can arrange academic support and adjustments if students have a disability or long-term health condition that has an impact on their ability to study. This may include:

 - an autistic spectrum condition

 - a visual impairment

 - a hearing impairment

 - a long standing illness or health condition such as diabetes or chronic fatigue

 - a mental health condition

 - a specific learning difficulty (SpLD) e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD

 - physical/mobility difficulties

Equally York Law School’s Disability and Welfare Officer, Louise Prendergast is always available to talk through the process of getting a support plan or to talk through any welfare issues:

YUSU’s Disabled Students’ Officers

Accessibility information

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