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Paul Kerswill’s lectures

Paul Kerswill’s lectures on MLE on YouTube


Slides for most of Paul's talks are available at:

Recorded examples

Recorded examples of MLE and other London accents from the Multicultural London English projects

This is an excellent place to start in your exploration of MLE. There are commentaries on each of the voices - not all of them MLE.

Films and TV series

Films and TV series using MLE

Other online resources

Other online resources on MLE

MLE voices heard in the media (thanks to Mary McDonald-Lewis for suggesting these; comments are Paul Kerswill’s):

MLE projects

The MLE projects

  • Kerswill, Paul, Jenny Cheshire, Susan Fox and Eivind Torgersen. 2004-2007. Linguistic Innovators: The English of Adolescents in London (UK Economic and Social Research Council project RES 000 23 0680)
  • Kerswill, Paul, Jenny Cheshire, Susan Fox and Eivind Torgersen. 2007-2010. Multicultural London English (UK Economic and Social Research Council project RES 062 23 0814)


Academic publications dealing with MLE and British youth language

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