Applying for ethics approval

If your research involves collecting data from human subjects, you need to apply for ethics approval.

For staff and Research Students

Please read through the L&LS Notes for Guidance (PDF , 146kb) before beginning to fill out your form. Also, it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of the University's Data Protection guidance where necessary.

Submit your completed LLS Ethics Approval Form (MS Word , 103kb) to

Take special consideration if you are applying to carry out research which will involve deception (see the definition of this in the guidance notes) or vulnerable groups, e.g. 

  • Children
  • Those with learning disabilities
  • People with mental impairment due to health or lifestyle
  • Those who are terminally ill
  • Recently bereaved
  • Those unable to consent to or understand the research
  • Where research concerns sensitive topics / illegal activities
  • Where deception is involved
  • Any research requiring a DBS check 

You should receive a response to your application within 2 weeks, but this may take longer depending on the nature of your proposed research. Additionally, you may be required to resubmit your Ethics application form, should the Committee require changes to be made prior to approval.

For PGT students (MA and MSc)

You must read the Ethical Approval of Student Research Studies: Guidance Notes (MS Word , 49kb) and fill out the associated PGT Research Ethics Approval Form (MS Word , 56kb). Your supervisor (at least) must approve this form BEFORE you can collect any data. Your dissertation supervisor will decide whether your study needs to be approved by the full committee.      

Sample forms

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