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Rhys Sandow

Associate Lecturer



Rhys Sandow is Associate Lecturer in Sociolinguistics. He was awarded his PhD from the University of Sussex in 2021 for his doctoral thesis Anglo-Cornish Dialect Lexis: Variation, Change, and Social Meaning. He has previously taught at the University of Sussex, Bournemouth University, and York St. John University. His research interests include language variation and change, sociolinguistic style, regional identity, corpus linguistics, and lexical semantics.

Currently Teaching

Convening modules:

  • Introduction to Sociolinguistics (L10C)
  • Intermediate Language Variation and Change (L101)

Additional teaching:

  • Advanced Topics in Language Variation and Change (L02H)



Rhys is currently working on publishing various aspects of his doctoral research relating to stylistic variation, levelling, and broader issues relating to lexical variation and change as well as the role of regional identity in sociolinguistic V&C. He is also pursuing research projects relating to 1) the development of methodologies to investigate the perception of lexical variation and 2) corpus and computational methods for investigating conceptual variation and change.



  • Sandow, Rhys J. (in press). Attention, identity and linguistic capital: Inverted style-shifting in Anglo-Cornish dialect lexis. To appear in the Journal of English Language and Linguistics.
  • Sandow, Rhys J. 2021. Anglo-Cornish dialect lexis: Variation, change, and social meaning. PhD dissertation, University of Sussex. 
  • Sandow, Rhys J. 2020. The Anglo-Cornish dialect is ‘a performance, a deliberate performance’: Ideological orientation and patterns of lexical variation in a peripheral dialect. English Today, 36(3), 77–84. 
  • Sandow, Rhys J. & Justyna A. Robinson. 2018. ‘Doing Cornishness’ in the English periphery: Embodying ideology through Anglo-Cornish dialect lexis. In Natalie Braber & Sandra Jansen (eds.), Sociolinguistics in England, 333–61. London: Palgrave.

          External activity

          External activity

          Invited talks:

          • York St. John University, 16th March 2022. Languages and Linguistics Student Colloquium Series.
          • The University of Aberdeen. 24th November 2021. Aberdeen Centre for Linguistic Research. 
          • The Philological Society. 20th November 2020. Roundtable on Lexical Variation. 
          • The University of Sussex. 28th October 2020.  Research on Languages and Linguistics at Sussex.

          Rhys has also presented his research at a range of international conferences, including NWAV, UKLVC, and ICLaVE.

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          Rhys Sandow
          Associate Lecturer
          Department of Language and Linguistic Science
          University of York
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