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Two CPD courses on Conversation Analysis in June 2024

Monday 17 June 2024, 9.00AM

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Language and Communication (CASLC), an interdisciplinary centre led by the department of Language and Linguistic Science and the department of Sociology, will be leading two CPD courses this year from their suite of Conversation Analysis courses for professionals and researchers. This year’s courses will  focus on the phonetics of talk-in-interaction and on communication in medical and healthcare contexts.

Communication in Medical and Healthcare Interactions (June 17-19, in-person), taught by Merran Toerien, Paul Drew, Clare Jackson and Danielle Jones.

This is a three day in-person short course in researching medical and healthcare interactions. The course is designed to benefit those beginning or in the early stages of research into medical, clinical and healthcare interactions; it is also relevant for healthcare professionals interested in communication.

Course participants will:

  • Develop their ability to apply the methods of Conversation Analysis (CA) to medical and healthcare interactions.
  • Gain hands-on experience of working with real data recorded in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Better understand how they might use CA in their own research.
  • Have a chance to connect, and exchange ideas, with colleagues involved in CA research.

Prior experience of CA will be a real advantage, but is not a prerequisite. Whilst it is not possible to learn CA from scratch in just three days, the course is intended to equip participants with practical analytic skills, applicable to future work.

Course content, information on tutors, and fees and registration: 

Phonetics of Talk-in-Interaction (June  17-19, online), taught by Richard Ogden and Marina Cantarutti

This online three day short course will focus on the phonetics of talk-in-interaction. The course is intended for researchers in Conversation Analysis at all career stages who are interested in expanding their methodological toolkit to observe, describe, transcribe, and analyse phonetic detail in interaction.

The course will enable participants to:

  • Learn some of the basic linguistic terminology for the phonetic/prosodic description of speech.
  • Describe conversational speech in more technical terms.
  • Find out how to provide suitable evidence to illustrate some phonetic/prosodic phenomena.
  • Identify and describe linguistic phenomena and apply these to an interactional phenomenon in data sessions. 
  • Network with colleagues from other organisations who share an interest in phonetics.

Course content, information on tutors, and fees and registration:

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