Are you receiving me?

Wednesday 13 June 2012, 2.15PM to 5.45pm

Student careers workshop

Time: 2.15-3.45pm
Location: V/120

Interested in a career in Speech and Language Therapy?  This workshop will feature short talks by admissions tutors from postgrad courses and former students from our Department who are now taking an MSc Speech and Language Therapy. Plus time to talk one-to-one with the speakers, and lots of advice on how to get relevant volunteering experience to help with applications for SLT courses.

Are you receiving me?

Time: 4.15-5.45pm
Location: Bowland Auditorium (Berrick Saul Building)

'Are you receiving me?' is an interdisciplinary colloquium bringing together researchers from different disciplines to examine issues surrounding disability and communication. The speakers will be:
  • Prof Sara Howard (Sheffield) - Being (mis)understood: Conversational speech production in older children with persisting speech difficulties
  • Dr Tamar Keren-Portnoy (York) - Late talking toddlers: Relating early phonological development to later language
  • Dr Richard Ogden (York) - British Sign Language: The first or preferred language of 70,000 Deaf people in the UK
  • Sarah Pett (York) - "Aphasia's fingerprints": Language impairment, autobiography and fiction in Paul West's The Shadow Factory
  • Catherine Robson (York) - Conversations with patients in the seizure clinic
  • Dr Christos Salis (Newcastle) - Psychology and linguistics in aphasia treatment
  • Dr Janet Wood (London) - Supporting children with communication difficulties in school: Teachers' responses to perceived challenges

Location: V/120 and Bowland Auditorium (Berrick Saul Building)

Admission: Everyone