Work placements

Work placements are a great way to get immersed in the social and cultural life of the country where the target language is spoken.  The professional experience will not only greatly enhance your CV, it will also equip you with the essential skills and qualities required for the world of work.

Students who are planning to work in a company or organisation on their year abroad will have to find their own placements. Students with personal contacts that may be of assistance in finding a placement are advised to use them – they can be extremely useful! However, the majority of students find a placement by direct contact with a foreign organisation. This can be done by searching and replying to advertisements for internships either online or elsewhere, or by using a recognised work placement agency that will help you find and negotiate a suitable work placement, but may charge a fee.

For advice on how to go about searching for international job opportunities, please look at the University's 'International Work' website ( It includes tips in writing CVs and preparing for interviews.

You can find detailed instructions on the work placements scheme as part of the year abroad for students in Language and Linguistics here: WorkPlacementsInstructions (PDF  , 95kb)

Current and past work placements


Current students and students in previous years have found work placements with the following companies:

  • employer: Deutsche Welle TV

  • employer: Audi

  • employer: Deutsche Bahn
  • employer: Deutsche Telekom

  • employer: Deutsche Post/DHL

  • employer: Fröbel Kindergarten, Berlin and Hamburg

  • employer: MAN Turbo und Diesel, Berlin

Who to contact

Year Abroad coordinator:

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Year Abroad Administrator:

  • Andy Poyer
    Postal address:
    Department of Language & Linguistic Science 
    University of York 
    YO10 5DD, UK