Accessibility statement

Translation methodology and practice - Spanish



After satisfactorily completing the module you should be able to:

  • Successfully translate unprepared passages from Spanish to English
  • Show an increased understanding of the principles and problems involved in the translation of Spanish materials, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge when translating
  • Research and understand background knowledge necessary for translations of specialized texts, such as advertisements or technical texts
  • Develop a broader vocabulary for specialised purposes such as translation of business, literary and technical material

Note: This module may not be suitable for students who are not native-speakers of English. Please discuss with your supervisor and the module convenor before you enrol.



Students must have successfully completed:

  • S12I Spanish Language & Society II (LAN00012I)



Contact hours

Two contact hours per week for terms 1 and 2.  One hour is a lecture taught to all language Finalists together. The lecture focuses on the theoretical and methodological aspects of translation. The other hour, a seminar providing relevant practice, will be taught in specific language groups (French, German or Spanish). Term 3 classes will consist of one hour of seminar per language.

Teaching programme

The lectures and seminars will introduce the principles and problems involved in translation into English. They will discuss approaches and methodological techniques in the translation of a range of materials using different registers.  As well as enabling students to develop a basic understanding of relevant issues and problems, they will provide opportunities for practice translations into English.

Teaching materials

Texts and materials will be provided by the tutor.

Assessment and feedback

Assessment and feedback

Feedback on formative work

  • Oral commentary and dialogue within class on oral and written language work. Given immediately both to individuals and to group.
  • Written comments and mark on University scale given to individual students for practice translations, with opportunity for individual consultation. The translations will be returned to students within two weeks of the seminar.
  • Model answers may be given for class exercise/past exam papers, with class discussion of difficulties.

Assessment and feedback

  • Translation commentary assignment (Paper 1), assigned in Week 5 of Term 2 and submitted in Week 7 of Term 2.
    • Weight: 40%
    • Feedback: Students will be entitled to see their exam paper and comments on it, and to discuss this with the marker at an appointed time in term 3.
  • A three-hour closed translation exam (Paper 2), in term 3 
    • Weight: 60%
    • Feedback: Students will be entitled to see their exam paper and comments on it at an appointed date after the external examiner has reviewed the papers.


Transferable skills developed in this module

All modules provide an opportunity to work on general oral/written communication skills (in class and in assessments) and general self management (organising your studies), alongside the specific skills in language or linguistics that the module teaches.

In addition, this module will allow you to particularly develop your professional/world of work awareness. This module enables you to explore key issues facing professional translators. The module presents the principles and problems involved in translation and allows you to apply this knowledge to a range of texts and genres.

Follow this link to hear how past students use transferable skills from their degree in their current jobs.

About this module

    • Module name
      Translation methodology and practice - Spanish
    • Course code
      S29H (LAN00029H)
    • Teacher
      Nathaniel Elcock 
    • Tamara Muroiwa
    • Term(s) taught
      All terms
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