Accessibility statement

Spanish language and society I

Competencias Lingüísticas y comunicativas



After satisfactorily completing the module you should be able to show:

  • Increased fluency and accuracy in spoken Spanish
  • Increased accuracy and sophistication in the production of a variety of written Spanish texts
  • Improved aural language comprehension
  • An insight into certain aspects of Spanish and Latin American culture and society



Students must have successfully completed:

  • A-level Spanish, grade A or B, or equivalent. 



Contact hours

The course lasts the whole year. It is taught for 2 hours per week. For each contact hour, you should expect to spend about two hours in preparation on average. Advanced language study demands regular, active practice and revision. Weeks 3 and 4 of the summer term will focus on the oral presentations.

Teaching programme

All the lessons are conducted as seminars in order to encourage discussion and interaction. The classes will cover a range of themes related to Spanish language and culture. The Expresión Oral part of the module will focus on improving spoken fluency and the acquisition of listening strategies.

Spanish is used as the medium of instruction and learning in all classes.

Teaching materials

  • A good notebook to record vocabulary and idiomatic phrases
  • A good bilingual dictionary: Collins Spanish-English dictionary (8th edition) ISBN: 0007183747
  • A good monolingual dictionary: Larousse Diccionario de la Lengua Espanola ISBN-10: 9702209951
  • A dictionary of synonyms and antonyms: Diccionario de Sinonimos, Antonimos: E Ideas Afines ISBN-10: 970220027X

Assessment and feedback

Assessment and feedback

Formative assessment

  • Oral commentary and dialogue within class on oral and written language work. Given immediately both to individuals and to group.
  • Written comments and mark on University scale given to individual students for practice essays, with opportunity for individual consultation. The essays will be returned to students two weeks after seminar.
  • Model answers may be given for class exercise/ past exam papers, with class discussion of difficulties.

Summative assessment

There are three components to the final assessment:

  • Written assignment (paper 1)
    • Date: Term 2 Week 10
    • Weight: 30%
  • A 3-hour closed written examination, (paper 2) on reading and writing
    • Date: Term 3 Weeks 5-7 
    • Weight: 40%
  • An oral presentation
    • Date: Term 3
    • Weight: 30%

About this module

  • Module name
    Spanish language and society I
    España y Latinoamérica hoy en día
  • Course code
    S05C (LAN00005C)
  • Teachers 
    Elia Lorena López
  • Term(s) taught
    All terms
  • Credits