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Ab initio Italian language & society



This module introduces some aspects of Italian society and culture. The emphasis will be on developing your communicative skills. The programme is intended to develop language proficiency, consolidate and expand written and oral skills in order for you to achieve accurate and idiomatic expression, as well as sound comprehension of aural material. This module will lay the groundwork to more advanced study of Italian at levels I and H.

Learning outcomes

After satisfactorily completing the course you should be able to demonstrate:

  • Increased fluency and accuracy in spoken Italian  
  • Increased accuracy and sophistication in the production of a variety of written Italian texts
  • Improved aural language comprehension
  • An insight into certain aspects of Italian Society and current issues.




  • Ab-initio Italian language skills



Contact hours

The module lasts for three terms, 3 contact hours per week per term.

Teaching programme

A focus early on in this module will be to facilitate and support the development of your time management and independent study skills. This will help you to manage fast pace and challenge of starting a new language ab initio. Methods of support will include:

  • provision of self-access learning materials for independent study via the VLE
  • peer support and mentoring
  • small group teaching for a more personalised and differentiated methodology.

Teaching materials


Assessment and feedback

Assessment and feedback

Formative work and feedback

  • Formative exercises will be assigned on a weekly basis.
  • Written comments and mark on University scale given to individual students for practice essays, with opportunity for individual consultation.
  • Model answers may be given for class exercises with class discussion of difficulties.
  • Formative written work will be returned within two weeks.
  • Oral commentary and dialogue within class on oral and written work. Given immediately both to individuals and to the group.
  • Oral commentary and dialogue on seminar presentation, written feedback sheet given to the individual presenter following the seminar.

Summative Assessment and feedback

There are three components to the final assessment:

  • Coursework, due in week 1 of Term 2
    • Weight: 30%
  • Oral Presentation in Term 3
    • Weight: 30%
  • A closed 3-hour exam, taken in Term 3
    • Weight: 40%
  • Individuals will be given feedback sheet for oral examination, and will be allowed to see their exam paper with comments, under supervision, at an appointed date after the external examiner has reviewed the papers.


About this module

  • Module name
    Ab initio Italian language and society
  • Course code
    I23C (LAN00023C)
  • Teacher
    Raffaele Zanotti
  • Term(s) taught
    All terms
  • Credits